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Abundant Ventures recently introduced and negotiated a strategic partnership for a tech start up firm

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The core business development services of Abundant Ventures is targeted to identify solutions for mid sized business in today's marketplace.  Our services assist you in achieving the unique opportunity that our professionals have accomplished in their own business success. 

Business Plan Development

Our team of experts will meet with you to develop your business plan specifically tailored to guide and structure your business funding and expansion needs.  Your plan will include financial, historical and competitive information identifying your solution to the industry you serve and pave the way to grow.  We typically charge a retainer for this service along with an hourly fee of $225.00 per hour with an average of 15 - 20 hours invested in the project.

Business Process Implementation - BPO

Business processes are the framework for true success in business.  We identify your process and will assist with your management team in the implementation of our findings.  An assessment and a budget will be discussed at the initial meeting to discuss this opportunity.  Traditionally a retainer, time and material and travel are incorporated into the budget.

Mergers and Acquisitions Consultations

We consult with your professional team to achieve the financial metrics that your acquisition requires. We identify your target and will negotiate on your behalf. Should you have a unique product or service, we maintain confidentiality and can direct you to the appropriate resources to protect you company assets during the process.

Real Estate acquisition planning and development

We meet with you and identify solutions for your Real Estate needs and future plans

Sales and Marketing assistance

We meet with you and identify solutions to assist in the overall branding and marketing of your firm.

Strategic Partnerships & Licensing Opportunities

We identify key partner opportunities to enhance and expand your business.  

Contact us by emailing to infonow@abundantventures.com  Copyright 2014 Abundant Ventures LLC  PO Box 326 Metamora, MI 248 812 2418