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Current News:

Abundant Ventures announces Abundant Funding to it's family of ventures in 2005.

Abundant Funding recently secured $2 Million debt restructure for a Manufacturing Company

$16.3 construction loan and mini perm for a commercial property.

What can we "fund" for you today?


In the beginning of 2005 we formed Abundant Funding to focus on the core elements of providing niche financing opportunities that many mid sized businesses were not exposed to.  These financing resources offer exceptional opportunities for growth.  Below are some of the various types of financing products and services that we secure for our clients.  Please contact us immediately to assist in the abundance of your business.

Asset Based Lending - Real Estate - Equipment

We represent various asset based solutions with multiple credit criteria. Good candidates for an asset-based loan have tangible or financeable assets that can be used as collateral, such as accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and real estate.  These companies may have high leverage ratios, as measured by debt to equity, typically over 5 to 1, or may be marginally profitable companies, companies with a recent history of losses, or with inconsistent cash flow.  


Since the asset-based lender focuses on collateral, the borrower's eligibility for loan qualification is determined from an evaluation of the quality, liquidity, and sufficiency of the borrower's eligible assets.  The lender analyzes each asset class to determine its net realizable value in a liquidation situation.  It then uses this information to exclude certain assets from financing and set maximum advance rates. However, if it is determined through this analysis that the lender is unable to reconcile the quality, liquidity, and sufficiency of the assets that it is proposing to finance, an asset-based loan is not appropriate.

Accounts Receivable Financing - Purchase Order Financing - Factoring

We offer you a variety of opportunity through our various resources. Loans which finance accounts receivable and inventory are typically structured under a revolving line of credit or "revolver," without a scheduled repayment. The lender advances funds against the revolver to carry accounts receivable and inventory and, when such assets convert to cash, the advances are repaid accordingly. Purchase order financing can offer offer a company excellent growth capabilities without the personal asset requirement.

Factoring involves purchasing of the receivable at a discount and, when such assets convert to cash, the advances are repaid accordingly.


One of our unique financing resources offers progress billing financing for construction contractors.


Commercial Lending


We offer various commercial lending resources for your financing needs. The primary difference between commercial banks and asset-based lenders is where they each look first for repayment:  The bank looks to cash flow for repayment first, then collateral; while the asset-based lender looks to collateral first.  Since banks underwrite cash flow as their primary repayment source, they typically require less collateral controls and monitoring but more financial covenants. For companies that are "asset heavy," an asset-based credit facility may be able to make more funds available because the loan is not based strictly on the anticipated levels of cash flow.  Non conventional loans are made on a case by case basis.


Customer Financing


We have various resources that provide your company with financing products to finance your customer purchases while limiting the exposure of your company.  These unique services allow for company expansion in ways only the Fortune 1000 could acquire in the past.


Debtor-in-Possession Financing


We have sources that provide capital should you file for bankruptcy. DIP funding assists a company that has filed for protection under Chapter XI of the Federal Bankruptcy code and has been permitted by the bankruptcy court to continue its operations to effect a reorganization.  DIP financing, which is new debt obtained by a firm during the Chapter XI bankruptcy process, allows the company to continue to operate during the reorganization process.  

Private Equity - Hedge Funds

Private Equity Funds look for established companies requiring large investment of capital for mergers or buyouts.  We find solution for your company that match your needs and that of the specific fund.  We secure opportunities via our current lender base.

Venture Capital Lending

With our experience in business expansion, we have an large database of Venture Capital groups willing to look at your business opportunity.  Venture Capital lenders funds companies that may require additional management and financial resources to develop the company.  Companies looking for venture funding use equity participation to offset the risk associated with the company.  We identify the validity of the risk and then identify the resource needed to fund the venture.




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